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Updated as of May 19, 2014

FERNWOOD @ Eden Toril, Davao City

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Note as of May 19, 2014 price as follows:
P6,600 per sqm Block 3 Lot 10 <click HERE>
P7,150 per sqm, Block 2 Lot 1 <click HERE>
P9,000 per sqm Block 2 Lot 18 <click HERE>


Gate & Guardhouse


    • FERNWOOD is a seven (7) hectare private second home community in Eden, Toril, Davao City, Philippines.
    • This weekend home subdivision is an eco-friendly community for quite rest and relaxation. The lot owners are expected to preseve the natural environment by refraining from any form of noise pollution, conserving water from Eden Barangay Water Source, properly segregating and disposing of waste, collecting rain water to augment water supply, and planting trees and other species indigenous to the area, among others
    • The village will be of Asian Tropical rest houses with generous lush gardens without the typical high fences. Asian Tropical architecture involves open verandas, living rooms and dining rooms that allo the gardens and the natural landscape to blend and extend seamlessly to the house itself. It embraces the outdoors as part of the living space.

TOTAL no. of Lots & Lot Sizes
* 86 lots with typical lot sizes of 500 and 800sqm

* P5,250 to P6,500

* 900 meters (2,953feet) above sea level

* Toril Distric Proper - 15km (20mins.)
* Davao City Proper - 30km (40mins.)
* Davao Int'l airport - 40km (60mins.)

* relatively flat terrain

* Water will be from the Barangay Water System while the power will be served by DLPC. Lot owners may opt to bring their own bottled drinking water.
* Telecommunication in the area is accessible thru all major mobile phone networks. Lot owners may also apply directly with phone companies for a wireless landline (e.g. Bayantel SPAN)

* A Gate and Guardhouse
* A Pavilion designed by Leandro V. Locsin Partners
* Parks & Playgrounds

* Main Entrance, few meters from Eden Barangay Road
* Roads

  12-meter row for main road
  10-meter row for secondary road
  8-meter row for teriary road

* Underground Drainage System
* Sewage Treatment Facility
* Seven (7)-fot Perimeter Wall
* Street lighting
* 24-hour Village Security

* End 2009

* Membership fee of P500/lot. All Fernwood lot owners are automatically members of the Fernwood Homeowners Association
*Assessment fee of P2.00/sqm/month for three (3)years

* All buildings are limited to a maximum height of nine (9.0) meters measured from any point of the roof to the original grade line directly below it.
* Buildings shall be of Asian Tropical type of architectural and colors that is in harmony with the sorrounding landscape, amenities and homes.
*Choice of colors for roofing materials/finishes will be limited to colors normally associated with Asian Tropical tones like shades of dark brown, dark green and dark gray. Exterior walls are in beige, deep cream, gray or white. Light materials (e.g. swali, nipa, bamboo and cogon) shall not be allowed for any building structure except as interior and exterior finishes of the building.


  • The total building footprint shall not exceed 40% of the lot area.
  • The setback/easement is measured from the surface of the wall/column of the building to the property line. Buildings will have a setback of five (5) meters from the property line fronting the street that serves as the service access to the building. While a setback of three (3) from the property line is required for the sides of the lot not fronting the street. If the lot has more than one (1) side fronting the street (e.g. corner lots thru lots), only one (1) side will have a setback of five (5) meters from the property line. The other sides fronting the street will have a setback of three (3) meters from the property line.


  • Fences for all sides of the lot that are facing the road may be of solid masonry, grilles, wood, plants, or combination thereof and shall have a maximum height of one (2) meter from the elevation of sidewalk, or the original grade line in case of elevated lots.


  1. Homebuilding is allowed upon 100% completion of the subdivision and 50% payment of the lot.
  2. No temporary building, shack, barn, or other structures shall be erected, except by builders during the construction period to serve as a warehouse for the construction materials and a bunkhouse for the construction workers.
  3. To ensure that violations and damages resulting from any house construction project are immediately corrected and rectified at the expense of the Lot Owner, a P200,000.00 Cash Deposit per house construction application is required.
  4. Administrative and Processing Fees include:
  5. P 1,500.00 non-refundable for processing of house and lot plans
  6. P 1,000.00 per month administrative charges (minimum of ten months) paid in advance
  7. Mobilization Fee of 20,000.00 for maintenance of roads and drainage due to heavy equipment traffic and construction debris.
  8. P50.00 for each worker’s ID.
  9. Water service connection fee including water meter. (Lot Owner will be advised of service connection cost before start of homebuilding.)


    • Refer to the complete set of the Fernwood Deed of Restrictions for the details pertaining to the Lot owner/Homeowner’s responsibilities, the Homeowner’s Association and the Homebuilding Guidelines.

Imagine a Weekend escape so close...

Fernwood proximity to the city lets you indulge in a vacation every weekend. Slip away after work on Friday and return with new vigor on Monday morning. This convenience gives you more time to enjoy life’s finer moments. Start a new hobby or finish your latest read. Everything is at your leisure.

Celebrate nature with  family and friends...

At Fernwood, you can surround yourself with the laughter and warmth of family and friends. You can hold a traditional Sunday barbecue, set the table for two for an intimate dinner, host an impromptu gathering for friends or simply relive memories over a cup of coffee. Being at Fernwood sets the mood for all occasions.
The serene environment of Fernwood gives you the opportunity to truly unwind. Rest your eyes on views of the lush countryside. Be calmed by the cool breeze. Refresh your mind as you soak in a natural, peaceful atmosphere. Amongst the towering tree ferns for which Fernwood is aptly named, free your spirit and be inspired by nature.
Fernwood is a sanctuary offering the comfort and security of a modern home while preserving its natural environment. It leaves you with nothing except the freedom to discover your own Eden in Fernwood.

 Discover your  second home
Location: Eden, Toril Davao City
Access: Main entrance a few meters from Eden Brgy. Road
Amenities: Parks and Playground, Gate Guardhouse,
Pavilion: (designed by Leandro V. Locsin Partners)
Facilities: Underground drainage system, sewage treatment facility, perimeter fence, streetlights, 24-hour village security
Elevation: 900m above sea level
Nearby attractions: Nature Parks and recreation resorts
Number of available lots: 86 lots ranging from 500-800 sq. m.
Nestled in the foothill of Mt. Talomo, Fernwood is a vibrant 7-hectare private residential community. Blessed with cool climate and tranquil natural surroundings, it is a perfect location for your second home. You can get away on weekends and while away the time dining al fresco with family, playing games at the park or simply relishing the peaceful atmosphere.
Inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds it, Fernwood’s Asian Tropical architectural style is intended to blend seamlessly with the environment. It embraces open living spaces that extend to the outdoors.

Buyer's Call Slip, click HERE
Checklist for Buyers, click HERE
Reservation Agreement Form, <HERE>
Lot Buyer Information Sheet <HERE>
Contract details, <page 1, page 2>

Main Entrance

View of Block 4 from Block 7

View of Block 5 from Block 7

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